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I am composer Andy Kotz and AKMusic Productions, based in the United States in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.
I compose for several domestic and international music production libraries that pipe music into the television industry, along with occasional film and trailer projects, advertising opportunities and various other musical projects... as they happen along. Here are some my recent IMDb credits here.

Having started out as a "guitarist for hire" based in southern California... I did 14 years of studio sessions and touring the world for recording artists until my move to Minnesota in 1997.

My sister and filmmaker Cristina Kotz Cornejo soon thereafter, asked me if I'd be interested in composing music for her short student film while she was studying at NYU.
I did it... and the result was a "Best Original Score" award at the 1999 NYU/Tisch Film Festival for her film The Appointment.
I decided to consider a career as a music composer. Well... the financial success part of the "career' hasn't quite panned out yet, but I still do it.
It's an unfulfilled passion... music.