Full Music Production
  • Full Music Production
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•Price for a finished track starts at $600.00.

•This includes: Composing the music, playing & programming all the virtual (software) instruments (i.e; keyboards, bass, strings, horns, etc. as done by me in Logic Pro X), up to 3 guitar parts (I'm a guitarist), production, arrangement, mixing session and a final MP3, WAV (or AIFF) music file and/or a finished CD.

•Additional charges for me to hire outside musicians such as vocalists (male or female), sax players, keyboard solos (or other instruments that I don't play) would be an additional $150 per player/per session.

•A 50% deposit ($300) is required to begin your project, along with your lyrics/poem and detailed instructions as to what style or genre you want for your song (“a country/pop ballad with death metal undertones and a hint of Brazilian Bossa Nova sprinkled in”, etc.), what tempo (if you don't know the tempo, please indicate: “slow... like The Commodores’ Easy”, or “medium... like Marvin Gaye’s What’s Goin’ On” , or “fast... like Monkey Twitch’s Vomit On Your Sister”, etc.)...

•Also, if you know you want your song sung by a female vocalist you would also include (with your deposit) the additional $150 (so using the above example, a $450 total deposit would be required to start) and give me an idea of what type of female vocalist you want (i.e; "black female r&b-type like Beyoncé", "white female country like Martina McBride", "female rock like Alanis Morrisette", or "female/pop alá Lady Gaga", etc.).

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