"Begin With" placed on NBC Sports "Dakar 2017"...

Multiple placements in Dakar 2017. This years route is starting in Paraguay to Bolivia and ending in Argentina. Dakar 2017 is currently being simulcast on NBC Sports digital cable and satellite station NBCSN. 

Resurgence (Kyle Booth) 
Absolution (Kyle Booth) 
Sunday (Nick Watson) 
Scream Breaker (Christopher Kus & Clarence E Kmf) 
Cosmic Rain (Christopher Kus & Clarence E Kmf) 
One More Chance (Christopher Kus & Clarence E Kmf) 
Begin With (Andy Kotz)

The track "Begin With" (available on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-owned/id1101625675) is from the album "The Owned" that I composed for Revolt Production Music. Here's the album cover:

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